Light Weight Concrete Blocks, Siporex Concrete Blocks, Roof / Floor Slabs, Building Blocks, Partition Walls, Wall Panels, Load Bearing Blocks, Mumbai, India
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Light Weight Concrete Blocks, Roof Slabs, Floor Slabs, Building Blocks, Partition Walls, Wall Panels, Load Bearing Blocks.

Light Weight Concrete Blocks, Siporex Concrete Blocks, Roof / Floor Slabs, Building Blocks, Partition Walls, Wall Panels

Light Weight Concrete Blocks

Building Material Of The World
Manufactured in India since 1972, in collaboration with International Siporex AB of Sweden. The unique flexibility, structural and physical properties of Siporex (ALC - "Aerated Light Weight Concrete) are appreciated the world over and is the preferred building material. It is ideal for all types of climatic and seismic zones
Light Weight Concrete Block

Aerated Light Weight concrete is today recognized the world over as an environment friendly product due to its superior
insulating and energy saving properties. Increased use of Siporex helps to conserve and protect our planet's forest cover.

Siporex is structural material, steam cured, cellular (aerated) concrete. It is available as blocks, floor and
 roof slabs and wall panels, for all types of buildings Specially for multi-storeyed buildings

Roof and Floor Slabs
Available in lengths of 1 Mtr. to 5 Mtrs. in increments of 0.5 Mtr. and thickness from 100 mm to 200 mm, depending 
upon super-imposed loads and spans

Building Blocks
Available Sizes :
200 x 240 x  600 mm
150 x 240 x 600 mm
125 x 240 x 600 mm
100 x 240 x 600 mm

Partition Walls
Panels available in lengths of 1.5 Mtr. to 3.0 Mtr. in increments of 0.5 Mtr. and thickness from 75 mm to
100 mm

  Properties of SIPOREX :
Building Materials

Light Weight : 
Oven dry density of SIPOREX is 450 to 650 kg/m³ i.e. just one fourth the weight of dense of dense concrete, thus ensuring economic design. It also makes SIPOREX ideal for low bearing soils, for seismic zones and for adding storeys to existing buildings. It is easy to handle, hoist and transport. It is the ideal material for use in existing buildings where additional FSI/TDR is available.
  Highly Insulating :
Highly Insulating : Cuts the peaks of heat and cold to provide economy in the working of air conditioning  and central heating. 
K value 0.122 Kcal/ Hr/ M° C makes it suitable as insulation material for boilers, heat exchangers, furnaces, ovens, forges, steel works, galvanising kettle linings, etc. saves 25% cost of installations as well as recurring costs of electricity
Building Materials

Fire resistant & incombustible : SIPOREX which is completely inorganic , is totally incombustible and offers twice  protection of concrete. It is ideal for fire walls and fire protection of structural steel. SIPOREX has been tested for fire  resistance at CBRI, Roorkee. Their conclusions are as follows.

The data of evolution and their analysis reveal that the roof of the Siporex roof slabs was able to withstand the standard fire for 150 minutes under uniform load 320 kg/m² as per IS:3809, BS: 476 part 20 and ISO 834.

The data of evaluation reveal that the partition wall of Siproex wall panels was able to withstand the standard fire for  180 minutes as per IS: 3809, BS:476 Part 20 and ISO 834.

The data evaluation reveal that the wall of Siporex load bearing blocks was able to withstand the standard fir 240  minutes under uniform compressive load 15 kg/m² as per IS:3809, BS:476 Part20 and ISO 834.

Building Materials

High strength to weight ratio
For SIPROEX 18 to 22 against 16 for concrete of M 150 grade

Water Penetration 
SIPOREX structure being of closed cells, there is less capillary action and high surface activity allows for last evaporation of moisture.

Water Repellant
While manufacturing reinforced SIPOREX slabs, silicon oil is added in wet mass which makes the product water repellant 

Comfortably worked
SIPOREX is versatile. It can be drilled, chased or nailed using simple carpentry tools. Thus, it simplifies plumbing, 
electric work, fixing joinery, etc. preventing wastages at site. SIPOREX is workable like wood and endures like stone


Sound Absorption
Sound absorbency of air borne sound for 3" and 4" walls is 38 to 40 db, thus absorbency of air borne sound for 8" thick walls gives an increase of 45 db. Hence, ideal for auditoriums and theatres and for cutting off workshop sounds from offices

Corrosion Resistant
Reinforcement bars used in SIPOREX slabs and wall panels re treated with a patented, highly effective, anti- corrosive treatment which has been evaluated for CBRI, Roorkey, with recommendation that "Protective Coating" (two coats of  ACM and one coat of inertol) applied by Siporex India Ltd. is highly satisfactory for preventing corrosion of M.S. 
reinforcement is Siporex concrete in coastal and highly polluted areas like Mumbai" Also, silicon oil is used during production to make the slabs water repellant

Environment Friendly
By indiscriminately cutting down our forests, natural disasters are rapidly increasing. SIPOREX eliminates use of timber and thus helps to conserve our forests. SIPOREX also eliminates the use of bricks which consume valuable fertile soil required to grow food for our vast population.

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